2023 Shapewear Prep Guide As a Pro

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It’s so good to finally be able to see women of all size finally celebrating their curves and loving their bodies. It’s amazing to see women no longer scared of getting dressed up and showing off their amazing bodies. If you are wondering what is the reason behind this new movement, then you’ll have to know that the answer is shapewear.

But don’t forget that shapewear was not made to suck you in and make you look like those perfect bodies you see around magazines and social media, but it was actually created to empower your bodies imperfections and boost up your confidence, so when you wear them, you become the best version of yourself. The same applies for any waist trainer, even if they are supposed to modify your waist in the long run.

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You have to have in mind for what occasion you are going to wear. But, to be honest, your shapewear can be worn under any dress or clothes and basically for any occasion. But it is still important that you know which shapewear goes best with which clothing piece and outfit.

If you have never own or worn a shapewear or a waist trainer wrap, and are looking forward getting one, here are our five tips so you order your first shapewear the right way and make you look amazing with whatever you war.

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It is important that you do your homework before you order online. Please don’t simply order the one that you think looks nice, but instead investigate and try to understand what it does, which areas it targets, their compression level, etc.

After doing your research and knowing everything about your chose shapewear, it is time to choose the right size for your full body shaper. This might seem like something obvious, but believe me if you don’t choose the right size, you’ll be wasting your money. If your shapewear doesn’t fit, it won’t work. You might hear some women complaining that their shapewear suffocates them or makes them feel sick, but the reality is that they are most likely wearing the wrong size.

If you follow the sizing charts you won’t have any problems, and please don’t panic if you end up between sizes, you’ll simply have to go a size up if what you want is to feel comfortable, and a size down if you want a firmer support. But remember, this is only if you are between sizes. If you size down believing it will work better, then it won’t and you’ll end up suffocated and feeling sick.

Then you have to have in mind that you have to shop for your shaping goals. Shapewear is not really a one-size-fits-all fix for every occasion, and most specially for every dress you own. You really have to know which one goes perfect underneath your clothes. For example, if you want to look more professional and wear work attire, usually great options will be shaping shorts or pants or even some control briefs to wear under different length skirts or trousers, even some bodysuits will be a great choice. Another example can be some body suits or high waist shaping shorts if you want to wear a bodycon dress if you are going out, either to a party or a date.

As you can see, preparing yourself to get your first shapewear isn’t as easy as just it seems or like simply buying any clothing piece. It is important that you focus on your goals and needs, the pieces you are going to wear them under, but most importantly the size. The size is crucial because the wrong size will make it not work.

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